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  • I am so excited to have the opportunity to teach your children again.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at

    (708) 423-3078 or email me at mtiernan@ahsd125.org.



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    Monday ~ Library 

    Tuesday ~ P.E.

    Wednesday  ~ P.E.

    Thursday  ~ Fine Arts

    Friday  ~ Fine Arts


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    This year students will be assigned some type of written homework Monday - Thursday. This page will be marked with a homework stamp so you will know which page your child has to complete.  Please help your child find a clean, quiet place to complete this homework.  Homework should be completed by the student and checked by an adult when finished.  

    I would also ask that your child participate in some kind of reading for 15-20 minutes EVERY night.  This could include your child reading to you, you reading to your child, or a combination of those two. Occasionally, your child will have a small individual reader to read to you and that can count towards the 15-20 minutes.  On those nights there will be a form for you to mark indicating how you thought your child read.  I also ask that you sign this form and have your child return it to school.



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      If you would like to send something in for your child on his/her birthday, you may send something that is non edible, like stickers, pencils, bubbles, etc.  You may also send edible treats if they are individually pre-wrapped.  Examples of this would be Hostess or Little Debbie treats and Goldfish Crackers.    We have 21 students in our class.  You are not required to send in anything.  We will always sing to the birthday person.  Anyone with a summer birthday will have a designated day sometime during the year.  I will let those students know when it is their turn.