• Welcome to our second grade class.  I am very excited to share this year with your children.  I believe that strong parent teacher communication is essential .  If you need to contact me for any reason, send a note with your child, call the school at 708-423-3078 or email me at agolon@ahsd125.org .  I am looking forward to a fun and successful year !



    Specials Schedule



                      Tuesday-FINE ARTS

                      Wednesday- GYM

                       Thursday- LIBRARY

                       Friday- FINE ARTS





    If your child would like to bring treats to share with the class on their birthday, they must be individually wrapped and packaged from the store (rice crispy treats, small bags of chips, hostess, etc) . Please do not send cupcakes as they are not allowed.  Birthday party invitations can only be passed out at school if you are inviting the whole class (or all the girls, all the boys). If you are only inviting a select few students, please deliver the invitations in some other way.

    There are currently 21 students in our class.




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