Welcome to Preschool for All!

    We have a fun year planned full of engaging studies and hands-on activities. Please see the parent handbook for an outline of our curriculum and daily routine, classroom policies, snack and birthday information, and parent resources.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by phone, email, or written note. Communication is also available via Seesaw.

    Phone: 708-423-3078 (leave a voicemail or message)

    Email: aalvarez@ahsd125.org

    Mrs. Alvarez

  • Preschool Schedule

    AM Specials
    Tuesday -- Gym
    Wednesday -- Library
    Thursday -- Art

    PM Specials

    Tuesday -- Art
    Thursday -- Gym
    Friday -- Library

  • PreK News

    Activities for Home
    With your child…
    • sing the alphabet on your way to school.
    • form shapes with playdough or blocks.
    • identify shapes, colors, letters, or patterns as you and your child take walks or play at the park, clean up toys, or read a book.
    • encourage your child to assist in cooking or baking, allowing them to help measure, count, mix, and play.
    • use describing words when talking with your child (example: please hand me the yellow, square block).
    • help your child write notes to family members.
    • practice proper hand washing and count to 20 while washing hands together.
    • read books every day and help your child make predictions about the story.

    Home-School Connection

    When you ask, “What did you do at school today?” how does your preschooler respond? We are very busy in our classroom and we hope they share the fun with you at home! Here are suggestions to get the conversation going:
    • What did you eat for snack today? (snack is one of our favorite times and we try lots of new things!)
    • What songs did you sing today?
    • Tell me about the book you read at story time today.
    • Where did you exercise today? (park, gym, or classroom)
    • Did you go to art or gym today?
    • What areas did you play in during work time today? (kitchen, art/paint, blocks/Magnatiles, sand/water)
    • Did you have a class job today? (line leader, door holder, plant helper, maraca shaker)

    Important Dates & Reminders
    • Family Activities Due - 2nd Thurs of month
    • Reading Log Due - Last Weds of month


  • Family Involvement
    At the beginning of each month, a Family Activity and a Reading Log is sent home with students. Family Activities are designed with the goal of increasing family togetherness by working creatively at home, as well as increasing your child’s fine motor skills (no Family Activity for December or March). 

Reading logs encourage children and parent to read books at home. We encourage you to read every day; or go to the local library to find books that interest your child. Please return reading log at the end of the month. At the end of the school year, students will receive a special prize for turning in their reading logs.

    Thank you, parents and guardians, for your help and efforts in making your child's first preschool experiences so meaningful and exciting!