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    Please remember to call Lawn Manor on school days when your child will not be in attendance.

    Calls may be made from 5 - 8:30 AM to (708)423-8956.  Calls after 8:30 AM should be made to the school office at (708)423-3078.

    It is also necessary to send a note upon your child's return.  An absence of five days or more requires a doctor's note.  An absence of twenty days without a doctor's excuse is considered excessive and may result in retention. Excessive tardies during the school year are also a cause for concern.

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    Parents who bring their children to school or pick them up at the end of the day are reminded to not park in the bus loading zone in the front of the school.

    Parents whose children ride the bus are reminded to review the bus safety rules and discuss their expectations for  safe bus behavior with their children frequently during the school year.  Failure to follow bus safety rules may result in suspension of bus privileges.

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    Notification of school closing due to weather emergencies will be announced on the district website as well as through local television stuations (Channels 7, 5 and 2) and radio stations (WBBM 780, WGN 720 and WLS 890).


    In the event of an emergency situation during the school day that requires evacuation of the school, students will be either transported by bus to one of the other schools in the district or will walk to our designated off-site evacuation site at the District #218 Administration Offices at 107th and Kilpatrick.  Students will be released from the evacuation site ONLY to parents or adults listed on the student's Emergency Card


    In the event of an emergency in the community and only upon notification from the Oak Lawn Police, the school will be locked and NO entrance to the building will be allowed under any circumstances until notified by the police that it is safe to open the building and release children.


    In the event of a threat within the school, the school will be secured and 9-1-1 notified immediately.  Again no entrance to the building will be allowed until the police have determined that it is safe to reopen the school .


    • Do not call the school so that phone lines can remain open.
    • Be accessible by remaining at the emergency telephone numbers you have provided the school. 
    • Please ensure that the information on your child's emergency card is up-to-date at all times.
    • All parents and visitors must report to the office upon entering the building.