• Honors Language Arts and Literature

    Mr. Vincent Caprio

    Room 5


    E-mail: vcaprio@ahsd125.org

    Phone: 708-597-1550


    I would like to personally welcome you all to my ELA Honors class. Both reading and writing will be essential to our class throughout the year across all grade levels.


    Throughout the year we will be diving into many  novels that will allow the students to develop and grow as readers. One of my many goals for this year is to create an environment where my students can successfully dive in and analyze a text. Students will be looking for themes, symbols, author's purpose, and other important aspects of literature. I hope that as the year progresses that all my students will not only see an improvement in their ability to read, but that they will see a growth in their overall love for reading. 


    This year we will be going over the writing units created by Lucy Calkins. I am extremely excited to introduce my students to the units created by Lucy. She does an amazing job helping students develop and grow as writers. Lucy Calkins’ writing units are broken up into three sections: Narrative, Informative, and Argumentative. Overall, I am looking forward to watching my students evolve as writers.


    Grading will consist of three categories:

    • Formative Assessments are worth 50%. Formative assessment examples include: Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, Daily Labs.

    • Summative Assessments are worth 40%. Summative assessment examples include: Test, Units Projects, & Final Labs.

    • Effort/Participation/Study Habits are worth 10%. Examples include: student skills, life skills, preparedness, and effort in class.

    Any assignment that is turned in late (1 to 5 days) will receive a maximum score of 80%.

    After the fifth day, the students will earn an F for the assignment. However, the assignment will remain missing in the gradebook until the student completes it; which will lead to the loss of participation in school activities. 


    I look forward to meeting you, whether it be virtually or physically, and I am excited to get to know you better.

    Class Expectations:

    • Come prepared

    • Be respectful

    • Try your best

    • Ask questions

    • Be responsible