• Hamlin's Media Center 


    Library Rules

    (Checking out/returning books)

    • -Students may check out up to one book at a time.

    • -Students check out books during Language Arts & Literature class only & return all books to Language Arts & Literature teachers when they are due.   Due dates are to be determined by the LA/Lit teachers.

    • -Students fill out the card inside the book.  They need to neatly print their first & last name and their homeroom. 
    • -If a student loses or damages a book, they will be issued a replacement fee (students will be charged the amount it would cost to replace the missing book with a used book).


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    Computer Lab Rules


    • -Any attempts to access inappropriate sites (anything unrelated to school assignments) may result in suspension.  (This includes game sites not approved by teachers and social networking sites)


    • -You may not visit sites to listen to music.  Headphones available in the Media Center are for educational use only, and you must have a teacher's permission to listen to anything on your computer.


    • -There is to be no movement of computers and/or parts without permission.


    • -Print ONLY with permission.  Always print to the black ink printer unless a teacher gives you permission to use the color printer.


    • -If you are printing pictures or information from the internet, copy and paste it into a Word Document before getting permission to print.


    • -There will be no shutting down, restarting, or logging off of others' computers without permission from the person that is using the computer or a teacher.


    • -There will be no running, pushing, hitting, kicking, pulling chairs out from under others, or shouting in the computer lab.  


    • -There will be absolutely NO FOOD, DRINK, or CANDY in the computer lab for any reason.


    • -There will be no messing with others' accounts, either on the school network or online accounts, without their permission.


    • -You must have permission from a teacher before saving to a flash drive or uploading something to a computer from a memory device.


    • -You may not stick tape or any other materials to the computers and/or parts.


    • -You are not permitted to change a computer's desktop set-up, screen saver, or any other original settings.


    • -You must use the chair designated to each computer.  The moving around of chairs will not be tolerated.


    • -Students will be expected to sit in their assigned seats for each class. 


    *If a student breaks any of the above rules, they may be issued a detention.


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