• Hamlin's Media Center 


    Library Rules

    (Checking out/returning books)

    • -Students may check out up to one book at a time.


    • -Students check out books during Language Arts & Literature class only & return all books to Language Arts & Literature teachers when they are due.  Fines will be issued for all late or lost books.  Due dates are to be determined by the LA/Lit teachers.


    • -Students fill out the card inside the book.  They need to neatly print their first & last name and their homeroom. 


    • -Students will be fined $1.00 after the first day the book is late.  For each week they are late after that, the fine will increase by $1.00.


    • -If a student loses or damages a book, they will be issued a replacement fee (students will be charged the amount it would cost to replace the missing book with a used book).

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    Computer Lab Rules


    • -Any attempts to access inappropriate sites (anything unrelated to school assignments) will result in suspension.  (This includes game sites not approved by teachers and social networking sites)


    • -You may not visit sites to listen to music.  Headphones available in the Media Center are for educational use only, and you must have teacher permission to listen to anything on your computer.


    • -There is to be no movement of computers and/or parts without permission.


    • -Print ONLY with permission.  Always print to the black ink printer unless a teacher gives you permission to use the color printer.


    • -If you are printing pictures or information from the internet, copy and paste it into a Word Document before getting permission to print.


    • -There will be no shutting down, restarting, or logging off of others' computers without permission from the person that is using the computer or a teacher.


    • -There will be no running, pushing, hitting, kicking, pulling chairs out from under others, or shouting in the computer lab.  


    • -There will be absolutely NO FOOD, DRINK, or CANDY in the computer lab for any reason.


    • -There will be no messing with others' accounts, either on the school network or online accounts, without their permission.


    • -You must have permission from a teacher before saving to a flash drive or uploading something to a computer from a memory device.


    • -You may not stick tape or any other materials to the computers and/or parts.


    • -You are not permitted to change a computer's desktop set-up, screen saver, or any other original settings.


    • -You must use the chair designated to each computer.  The moving around of chairs will not be tolerated.


    • -Students will be expected to sit in their assigned seats for each class. 


    *If a student breaks any of the above rules, they will be issued a detention.


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