Language Arts
  • Hamlin Upper Grade Center - Mr. Caprio 




    I would like to acquaint you with our Reading and Enrichment Language Arts program. We believe it to be both thorough and effective. Writing is the key element in our Literature program, so that is what we do in 6th, 7th and 8th grade - write! To accomplish this we use, as a resource, Lucy Caulkins Writing Curriculm.

    Our students practice sentence combining skills, paragraph formation and finally, compositions. The program involves a lot of one-on-one. We have noticed a vast improvement in the students' writing ability since we began concentrating on writing a few years ago.

    We are very excited as we have a great Literature series by McDougal Littell. The students have activities before, during and after reading a selection that will prompt them to make connections, ask themselves questions, clarify their ideas and visualize things concerning the story - all thinking processes performed by proficient readers.

    Many interesting novels will also be covered in the course of the year. These novels are used to enhance reading skills along with helping to develop an interest in reading. Also, every student is required to have a library book with them for independent reading after they have completed their work .  Dont forget ,  each student will be required to read an outside library book, newspaper or an appropriate magazine.