• The Hamlin Grading Policy is as follows: 

    • Grading Consists of 3 Categories:
      • Formative Assessments: Worth 50% of the grade. Formative assessments include: classwork, homework, process quizzes, daily labs, and other work that shows the progress or process of the student in regards to certain material.
      • Summative Assessments: Worth 40% of the grade. Summative assessments include: tests, unit projects, final labs, and other work that shows the overall understanding at the end of a unit by the student.
      • Effort/Participation: Worth 10% of the grade. Effort/participation includes: effective utilization of class time, quality of work, preparedness, participations in discussions, engagement in group work, and other examples of dedication in the classroom.
    • Any assignment that is turned in late (1 to 5 days), will receive a maximum score of 80%. Scores will then be graded based on the total allowed score of 80%. After the 5th day, students will earn an F for the assignment; however, the assignment will remain missing in the gradebook until the student completes it. Missing assignments may lead to the loss of participation in school activities. 
    • It is our school's policy to put in a "59M" in the gradebook if a student is missing any assignment. The 59 stands for 59% and the "M" stands for missing. The assignment will remain an "F" until the student turns in the missing work.


Grading Scale