• Overview

    This trimester, we will expand our minds.  We will learn about… 

    • Native Spanish Speakers (Tema 8: Experiencias)
      • preterite tense –er and –ir verb conjugation
      • the preterite tense of ir
      • the personal “a”
      • the present tense of decir
      • indirect object pronouns
      • the preterite tense of hacer and dar
    • Spanish Language Learners (Tema 2: Tu día en la escuela)
      • school schedules, subjects, and supplies
      • subject pronouns
      • present tense –ar verb conjugation
      • location related vocabulary
      • definite and indefinite articles
      • the verb estar



    • 1 binder/three-prong folder
    • 5 dividers/tabs
    • loose leaf notebook paper
    • writing utensils (i.e. pens/pencils)
    • your Hamlin ID



    • You are a human being. Some people you like; some you don’t.  You may not be friends with everyone in this classroom, but you will treat everyone in this classroom with respect.  If not, I will take immediate disciplinary action (e.g. loss of privilege/activity, after school in-service with me, detention, etc.).
    • Come to class prepared. Do not despair—I will always have extra writing utensils that you may borrow using your ID as collateral.  However, I obviously cannot cover your homework; that’s on you.
    • Complete your assignments and turn them in to me on time. The highest grade a late assignment can earn is a B-; any assignment not returned within one week of the date assigned will earn an F.
    • Put forth your best effort in your work and your positive behavior.
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on before you speak. Call outs will not be acknowledged.
    • I will do my best to help you learn and grow.
    • I will work my hardest to help you reach your fullest potential.