• Click the attachments to access printable school forms. 

  • * Discipline Parent Acknowledgement Policy

    Attached below is a printable Discipline Policy Parent Acknowledgement form. Each students' guardian must sign and turn in this form when their child starts school at Hamlin Upper Grade Center. By signing this form, guardians are acknowledging that they are aware of Hamlin's policies and understand that their child will be held accountable if rules are broken

  • * Student Handbook

    Attached below is a printable copy of the entire school handbook. Please refer to the handbook for all school policies/rules.

  • * Vacation/Absent Form

  • * Yearbook Order Form

  • *Webpage Permission and Release Form for Students

    Atwood Heights School District 125 students are sometimes asked to be a part of school and/or district publicity, publications and/or public relations activities.  To ensure student privacy and agreement for a child to participate, parent/guardians are requested to sign a Media Release form for each of their children.  The media release form is kept with the student's temporary file. 

  • * Field Trip Form

    Field trips to places outside of the school building are an important adjunct of classroom instruction, as they provide an opportunity for the teacher to enrich and extend the learning experiences of students. Permission slips are required for students to participate in field trips every time they are being transported by bus. Often times a teacher will send home field trip permission forms to be filled out by the parent and returned to school by the student. If for some reason the original form is lost, this generic form can be filled in and used as a substitute.

  • * Calculator Policy