Rules and Regulations

  • Rule #1: When the band director is on the podium, no one is allowed to talk, and be ready to play.

    Rule #2: Attendance is required at all rehearsals, lessons, and performances. 

    Rule #3: Respect other people's property. The only property you are to touch is your own property. That includes music, instruments, and any other belongings.

    Rule #4: Part of getting ready for rehearsal includes warming up and tuning your instrument.

    Rule #5: It is everyone's responsibility to care for their instruments and if there are any problems you must let the band director know.

    Rule #6: No eating food or drinking liquids other than water in the classroom unless an exception is made by the director.

    Rule #7: All students are required to keep a band schedule and calendar with their other band things.

    Rule #8: Practicing is required for all lessons and rehearsals.

    Rule #9: Students are required to maintain their own instrument. This includes the playing condition, reeds, valve oil, etc.

    Rules #10: All other school rules will be enforced as well in the band room.