• Music Supplies

    Throughout the year, students will need various supplies for music class.

    Required One-Time Purchases Through School

    The following items are usually purchased once through the school, often during 3rd grade (or the applicable year) and are expected to be used for the remainder of the time your student is at Meadow Lane. Extras can be purchased to keep a set at home for practicing, or if the items are lost and need to be replaced.

      • Baroque-style Soprano Recorder - At least one is required, though we highly recommend two so one can be kept at school and one can be kept at home. Some families opt to buy more so that a parent or family member can learn with them to help practice. We provide these to avoid confusion between the dollar store style "toy recorders" and proper musical instruments.
      • Recorder Method Books - These books are provided with the purchase of a recorder through the school.
      • Piano Lesson Book - 3rd graders will all purchase the beginner "Primer" level book. 4th and 5th graders may be required to purchase more advanced lesson books at the beginning of the year depending on their progress during the previous school year.
        • If your child has previously taken piano lessons or will be taking private lessons concurrently with music class (highly recommended), they may be too advanced for the lesson book the rest of their class is using. In this case, please reach out to me early in the school year so we can determine the appropriate book and plan for your child! :)

    Optional Purchases Through School

    The following items are not required but may be recommended for students or at least each household of students to own.

      • Folding Music Stand - We have a small number of music stands at school that can be used and shared by pairs of students. Students can purchase their own music stand to use in class and/or use at home. It is highly recommended to label ALL the stand components with your student's name, especially if they plan on using the stand at school.
      • Baroque-style Alto Recorder - A small number of advanced students may be offered the opportunity to buy an Alto Recorder. This is optional and does not replace the required Soprano Recorder.
      • Specialty Piano Books - Other piano song books are available, including classical themed books, rock and roll books, jazz books, pop books, Christmas books, Disney books, and more. These will not be used in class, but if you have a piano at home they are a great way to encourage your student to continue practicing and learning at home.
      • Piano Bravo Pack - While we only go through the Lesson book in class, it is actually part of a more comprehensive program that includes a Technique & Artistry book, a Theory book, a Performance book, and a Sightreading book. These are bundled WITH the lesson book and are available when ordering at the beginning of the year, and may be recommended for those who take piano lessons with a private instructor outside of school.

    Additional Supplies (Not Supplied By School)

    The following items recommended, but are not available through the school and must be obtained separately.

      • Pencils - Students should always bring a pencil to music class.
      • TonalEnergy app for smartphones/tablets - (For Home Practice) This is a fantastic metronome and tuner app (and so much more) that will be invaluable for personal practice time at home not just for practicing recoders in grades 3-5, but also for band, choir, and orchestra in middle school, high school, and beyond.