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    Hello my name is Mrs. Stapleton and it is my 15th year teaching physical education at Meadow Lane.
    A little bit about myself- I am married to my husband Ryan and we have four kids together.  I have two sons and two daughters. 
    In my spare time I like to go to our lake house and spend time with my family.
    I love all sports but some of my favorites are:  softball, football, golf, and bowling. 
    This year our ML students will have physical education class every day for 30 minutes. 
    Please be dressed for the weather in case we go outside and always have gym shoes.  There will be markings on the blacktop to make sure our students are social distancing while participating in class. 
    I am looking forward to another great year with my students!!!!
  • Our students at ML are just finishing up their basketball unit.  They have done so well with passing and shooting.  We are focusing more on fouls and learning how to not travel or double dribble.  They have been enjoying the knockout game and my goal is to have a whole school knockout finals at the end of the year.  

    We will be moving on to volleyball soon and students will learn how to bump, set, and spike as well as serve.  I'm hoping to teach them many lead-up games and eventually a full-court volleyball game.  

    Our students are rocking it out in their Pacer challenge.  Their goal is to beat their previous score from the last month.  

    I am looking forward to another great month.  

    Mrs. Stapleton


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