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         Hello my name is Mrs. Stapleton and it is my 13th year teaching physical education at Meadow Lane. This year the students will be participating in many fun units.
         Each class will have Physical Education three days a week. One of those days will be a fitness day. During fitness days, students will be participating in fitness games or fitness stations. On the other two days of physical education, I will be teaching them skills on the unit we are learning.
         This year each classroom will have a chance to win the "Golden Gym Shoe" award. This award will go to the classroom that earns the most stickers at the end of each month. They will earn a sticker after every physical education class if they demonstrate the appropriate behavior. Students also need to come prepared wearing gym shoes to class in order to get a sticker.
         Students will be tested each month on their cardiovascular endurance by participating in the Pacer Challenge. Each class will perform the Pacer Test and will have the opportunity to improve his/her score each month. This challenge will begin in the month of October.  So get outside and practice running students!
  • We are now in our tumbling unit! Students will learn many beginner tumbling skills a long with some more advanced skills for those students ready to progress.  We will focus on flexibility, balance, upper body strength, and coordination skills during this unit.  Students will be learning proper techniques to do different rolls, stands, and gymnastic skills.  We will also be using the balance beams and rings.  Our students seem to be really excited for this unit in PE class.   
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