Classroom Rules and Expectations

  • 1.   All school policies apply and will be enforced.

    2.  Respect yourself and others.

    3.   All tests and quizzes must be in pencil.   I do not grade pen- scratch outs are hard to read and very messy. Tests will be worth 40% of your grade. Homework assignments will vary throughout the trimester.

    4.  All late and absent work must be in by the time of the chapter test.  Late work is worth an automatic deduction of 10% for each day late.  Lunch detentions will be given for missing assignments. After 5 missing assignments, you will stay in with Mrs. Toomey until your assignments are completed.

    5.  All work must be complete in order to receive full credit.  Try every problem!

    6.  Sharpen pencils at the beginning of the period- you will not be allowed to get up in the middle of a lesson to sharpen them.

    7.  Do not leave your seat without permission- at the end of the period you will be dismissed.

    8. Raise your hand when you have a question or you are answering a question- do not shout out during class.

    9. I will only make a certain amount of extra copies of worksheets.  Be responsible and do not lose the first copy!!  Extra copies will be made for a price.

    10. I am always available for extra help- do not be afraid to ask. 

    11. Do the best that you can and have fun learning!!!!