• 6th Grade Science- 1st, 7th, & 8th Period 



     1. Pencil or pen-any color

    2. Book/Book Packet- EVERYDAY!!!

    3. Science Binder/Paper

     Rules and Expectations

     1.  All school policies apply and will be enforced.

     2.  Respect yourself and others.

     3.  Tests will be worth 40%. The value of quizzes will be worth 30%. Homework and labs will be worth 20% each and participation is worth 10%.

    4.  All late and absent work must be in by the time of the chapter test. Do not come to me at the end of the grading period for makeup work from the beginning of that period.  Late work is an automatic deduction of 10% for each day late.

    5.  Labs will be done this year. When absent you are still responsible for the information learned when performing the lab.  Labs can be made up after school or during lunch at the teacher's convenience, or you can get the information from a fellow classmate.

    6.  Grades will be given to you every few weeks.  It is your responsibility to make sure your grade is correct.

    7.  All work must be complete in order to receive full credit.  Try every problem!

    8.   Do not leave your seat without permission- especially during a lab- at the end of the period you will be dismissed.

    9.  Raise your hand when you have a question or you are answering a question- do not shout out during class.

    10.  I will only make a certain amount of extra copies of worksheets. It is your responsibility to find a copy for yourself to do late work. Be responsible and do not lose the first copy!!  Extra copies will be made after school only!!!

    11.  I am always available for extra help- do not be afraid to ask.

    12.  Do the best that you can and have fun learning!!!!


     1.  If you are absent it is your responsibility to check your file folder for the assignments that you missed and the board to see if there was any homework.

     2.  It is your responsibility to make up missed labs either after school or get the information from another student. Also, if you are having trouble catching up it is your responsibility to see me for help immediately.

     3.  You will be given the same number of days that you missed, plus one more, to make up all missing assignments otherwise it will be considered late and worth half credit.