• Welcome To 3rd Grade!

     Mrs. Schroeder, Room 106

    Classroom Procedures

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      Entering School  When the bell rings, you should enter the school in a straight line and go directly to the classroom. You are expected to enter the classroom quickly and quietly. You should take your seat and immediately begin your work. 

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    When You Are Tardy  You must have a tardy pass from the office when you enter the classroom. Place your tardy slip in the bin on my desk and take your seat. Please do not disturb anyone. 

    Sharpening Pencils  2 sharpened pencils are required at the start of each day. You may sharpen your pencils first thing in the morning, or immediately after lunch. If your pencil breaks, use another one.

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    Items in Your Desk  You will keep your text books, folder with paper, a spiral notebook, your calculator, assignment notebook, and pencil case in your desk. Binders and other items may be kept in your locker. Our desks are not large enough to hold any more than the necessities.

    Homework/Turning in Homework  Homework will be assigned throughout the week. I will write all homework assignments on the assignment board in the front of the classroom. We will review the homework together.  It is your responsibility to write down your homework at the end of each day. If you are not sure of something, please ask. Homework should be turned in to the bins on the shelf near my desk. There is a bin for each subject.SchoolCenter Picture

    Turning in Notes or Other Items   Anything that is not homework must be placed in the bin on my desk at the start of the day. When You Are Absent When you return to school from an absence, place your note from your parent or guardian in the bin on my desk. Any homework or assignment that should be made up will be in your mailbox. Check with your homework buddy to make sure you understand what is to be completed.

      Assignment Notebooks   Every student is required to purchase an assignment notebook from the school office. All assignments are to be SchoolCenter Picturewritten down daily by the student. I will make sure that there is enough time to write the assignments at the end of the day. A parent or guardian should sign the assignment notebook indicating that he/she is aware of the homework and it has been completed.


    Missing Assignments  If you miss a homework assignment, your grown ups will receive an email letting them know.  You will receive a grade of zero until the work is turned in.  Ten points will be deducted from that assignment's grade for late work.

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    When asked to "Line Up"   You will be called either by row or table to get in line when we leave the room. You must push in your chair and walk to the line. If you do not push in your chair, you will be asked to go back and take care of it. If you run to the line, I will ask you to return to your seat and try the proper procedure. We will leave the room when the lines are straight and silent.

      Give Me Five!   When I need your attention, I will say, "Give me five, please". When you hear the phrase, "Give me five, please", review the following list:

                                                  1. Eyes on the speaker.      

    SchoolCenter Picture  2. Quiet

          3. Be still.

                                 4. Hands Free.

                          5. Listen.

    When the entire class follows this procedure, I will provide you with information. This is one of the most important procedures that we have in our class and it will be used daily.

      Indicating Whether or Not You Understand Throughout the day, I will ask if you understand what we are learning. You should respond by showing me a "thumbs up" which tells me that you understand, a "thumbs down" which tells me that you are confused and do not understand, or a sideways thumb indicating that you are in the middle, or kind of understand. Asking Questions You may ask questions by raising your hand. Talking out of turn will not get your questions answered and may result in a punishment. Smart people ask questions!!!!!  

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      Mailboxes Each student has a designated mailbox that will hold all graded work and important information. You will visit your mailbox at the end of each day. Please collect the items in your mailbox go back to your seat and pack up to go home.

    Good Character   Good character is required in our classroom SchoolCenter Pictureand in our school throughout the year. We must all work together and treat others as we want to be treated. Bullying, name calling, and teasing will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action.




    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    2. Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat.

    3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    4. Treat others the way you would like to be treated!!!



    Should you choose to break a rule, the following consequences will occur:

     1. Verbal Warning, if a minor infraction (certain behaviors may require  immediate detention)

     2. 2nd time will result in emails home

     3. 3rd time results in an after school detention

     4.Parent Meeting Requested 

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    We will collectively decide appropriate individual/class rewards.