Special Education

  • Special Education services in Atwood-Heights District #125 are in integral part of the school program.  Services include evaluating and providing appropriate services for students with disabilities.  These services are provided through district programs as well as through services and programs provided cooperatively with the Eisenhower Special Education Cooperative.

    Special education may differ from the regular education program in content, rate, emphasis, class size, and/or location. 

    Disability categories include:  Cognitive, Orthopedic, Specific Learning Disability, Visual, Hearing, Speech/Language, Emotional Disabilities as well as Other Health Impairment, Autism and Traumatic Brain Injury.

    Special Education support services include speech/language, occupational and physical therapies, social work/counseling, hearing and vision itinerant services, and home and hospital services for children who must be absent from school for extended periods. Additional specialized supports are provided as needed.

    Children are found eligible for special education services through a referral and evaluation process to determine whether a child has a disability that adversely affects his or her educational performance.  Parent consent is required for student evaluation and initial placement in any special education program.

    An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed for all children receiving special education services that is reviewed annually with parents.

    District 125 is also responsible for providing early childhood special programs for eligible children ages 3 - 5.  The district offers a pre-school screening program in which 3 and 4 year olds are evaluated in the areas of vision, hearing, speech, language, and other developmental processes to identify those children who may be in need of further evaluation for early childhood services.  If you have concerns with your preschooler's development, please contact Lawn Manor Primary Center at 708-423-3078 to discuss your concerns.

    Questions regarding programs and services offered through the district as well as questions regarding the rules and regulations governing the administration of Special Education Programs should be directed to Mrs. Anne Krause, Special Education Director, at (708) 388-6958