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      physical education


    **This year, students will be gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the importance of lifelong health and wellness, while emphasizing the physical and social-emotional aspects, through sports, fitness, and team-building activities.

    **To ensure safety and maximum participation, please send your child with gymshoes on the days they have PE. 

    **REWARD SYSTEM: Students earn tickets in class for following directions, being safe, and having positive sportsmanship. 20 tickets=select one item from prizebox. 


    **You may contact me via email mkelly@ahsd125.org, or calling (708)423-3078.


    Due to the current pandemic, the AHA is currently not shipping anything to schools, including thank you gifts from our Kid's Heart Challenge. Your child WILL GET HIS OR HER THANK YOU GIFTS in time, and as information becomes available to me, I will post updates here and e-mail families registered on our Kid's Heart Challenge page. Thanks for your patience!




    Hello Families! Below are some links for OPTIONAL E-Learning opportunities for P.E. The best way to stay active is to get at least 30 minutes per day of cardio by going for a walk or bike ride outside in the fresh air! If that is not possible, please see the links below!

    Heart Healthy Bingo @ Home

    Jump Rope Skills #1

    AHA Dance Challenge

    Cosmic Kids Yoga  *** This is my favorite online resource!! Not only does yoga have endless health benefits, but it also decreases stress and increases focus and body awareness! :)




    Go Noodle


    I miss you, friends!


    DIY jump rope
    Single Rope Skills #2

    World's Biggest Play Date - May 16, 2020
    This Saturday, May 16, is supposed to be nice weather and Little Tikes is holding the World's Biggest Play Date at Home! I encourage you to check out the link above, download the free resources, and participate with your families! You can share your photos on social media using the hashtag #WORLDSBIGGESTPLAYDATE. 



    FREE virtual mindful yoga class from AHA

    Shaun T kids workout



    DEAM Calendar June