Each year we partner with our parents and guardians to provide safe passage for your children.  Atwood Heights School District contracts with Illinois School Bus to provide bus service.  The bus drivers from Illinois School Bus strive to create a safe environment for your children as they ride the bus to and from school.  Our main concern is the safety of the children they transport.

    School bus riders are under the supervision of the school bus driver.  It is the driver's responsibility to provide for the safety of all riders.  Since the school bus is viewed as an extension of the classroom, it is the student's good behavior and observance of the rules.  Misbehavior/misconduct by a student will be reported to the proper school authority for disciplinary action.  Please refer to the discipline action section of the student handbook should you have questions.

    Call the office if you are requesting to change your child's bus stop.  If approved, it may take up to one week to safely make bus stop changes and you will be notified by the office when your request is confirmed.  LOST BUS TAG FEE IS $5.00.