• Frequently Asked Questions:


    Why does my child need to have my permission to check out a library book?

                Because some families do not want their child taking out books.  They don’t want the responsibility for the materials.


    Why are library books due the day before my child has library?

                To make the librarian's life easier.  Then there is no confusion & or mistakes at the last minute.


    Why do students have to pay a fine for late books?

                At your local public library you need to pay fines if a book is late.  At Lawn Manor we are just following a similar procedure.


    Why only one book per week?

                There is only one librarian for the entire school, and she doesn’t want to be making mistakes dealing with that many books.


    Can my child check out a book more than once?

                Yes, students can check out (renew) a book more than once.  Some students take a while to read a story and can continue to renew the book until they finish the story.


    What if my child is absent on his/her library day?

    What if there is a field trip on his/her library day?

    What if it’s a school holiday or teacher institute on his/her library day?

    What if there is an emergency closing on his/her library day?


                These are all taken into consideration.  Students will not receive fines for these situations.  The book will simply be due the following week.


    What if I don’t like the book my child has check out?


                Call the school, email the librarian, send a note with the book.  The child may pick out a different book.  Just please let the librarian know.



    What if the book was previously damaged, and we discover this reading the book?

                Please make a note of the damage and let the librarian know about it.  The librarian will be grateful to know about the damage and will take care of it.  You will not be charged.