8th Grade STEM (Science,Engineering, Technology, Mathematics) Projects:


    • "Democracy"- Students will survey their fellow classmates to come up with a need of change in the school. They will budget for this change and explain why they decided to make this change.
    • "Party with a Purpose"- Students will find a charity that means something to them. They will budget for an event to support this charity and determine how much profit they will make from it. In addition, they will determine what will be happening at the event and what their workers/volunteers will be assigned to do.
    • "It's About Time"- Students will learn about the history of time and will develop another method to tell time that differs from the average clock.
    • "Highlight your Community"- Students will map out a design of their community focusing on landmarks. Students will then create a tour for their community and explore various options for their tour.
    • "Science of Sound"- Students will explore and determine what type of instrument they could create and create an instrument that consists of four strings and can be tuned.