Classroom Procedures



    Entering the School

    When the bell rings, you should enter the school quietly, in a staight line, and go directly to your class. You will check in at your lockers after taking out your supplies from your bookbag for the day.


    You must have a pass from the office when you enter the classroom. Place your tardy slip in the basket on my desk and take your seat. Please do not disturb anyone when entering the classroom.


    Daily Assignments

    At the beginning of reading class , it is required that each student write down the assignment in their planner. If the assignment has been completed and turned in , a check should be placed next to that assignment. If the assignment has  not been  completed, it should be taken home for homework and turned in the following day


    Homework will be assigned throughout the week, with the exception of Friday. Any unfinished classwork will be taken home for homework. I will go over all homework assignments at the end of each subject and again at the end of the day.

    Homework will also be posted on the school website.


    Notes From Home

    Any notes from home should be placed in the basket on the teacher's desk at the start of the day.

    Assignment Notebook/Planner 

    Every student is required to purchase an assignment notebook/planner from the school office.