• LA Lit

    This year, we will be working with the Read 180 curriculum in Language Arts and Literature. Read 180 is a wonderful program that covers multiple areas. Read 180 is used as an intervention to build upon skills in reading comprehension, academic vocabulary, and writing skills. We will also be working on various novel studies throughout the school year. 


    We are hoping to finish two workshops in Read 180 this year (workshop 4 and workshop 5). Our fourth workshop is "The Hunt for Lincoln's Killer" and it focuses on how a country responds to the death of a leader. We will be working with the following texts: "Who was John Wilkes Booth?", "Chasing Lincoln's Killer", "Tracking an Assassin", "A Nation Mourns", and "O Captain! My Captain!". The fifth workshop is called "Contagion" and it focuses on how scientists meet the urgent needs to contain killer diseases. We will be reading multiple texts about contagious diseases such as "Silent Killer", "Tiny Invaders", "A Killer Strikes", "The Plague" and "The War on Germs"..  


    During a typical class, we begin with 20 minutes of whole group instruction and an average of 12 minute rotation groups. Students rotate through independent reading where students are reading a Read 180 Universal approved book, based on their Lexile score. The second center is a technology center which includes quick writes about the books they read, recording reading for fluency, and extra support in literature. The last center is small group where students meet with me for individualized instruction based on their group needs.